This weeks home buys!! MORE MARBLE

Helloooooo!!! So, this feels strange writing a blog post but not about my beautiful bubba! Im sure he’ll creep his way into it though!!

SO.. I did a insta poll and people said they’d like me to do more lifestyle posts.. not just baby!!! So I’m going to be posting about my moving out experience & all about my interior etc. Its a massive life change and step in my life.. and an exciting one!!!!

So as you all know….. I LOVE grey, white & marble!!!! So I’m sticking to that theme and gone a little MARBLE MAD!!!! But everything ive bought isn’t expensive and is all accessories so when it goes out of fashion or i get bored with it (probably in 6 months) I can just do MORE HOME SHOPPING & freshen up the interior!!!!

So i got some goodies….


*& These lovely purchases are from……

Matalan & Home bargains!!!!!! Can you believe it!!!!!!  Also the giant bunny… is for Nate for easter.. he has his own easter bunny!!!!!!!!!


SO this side table is from Home bargains and was 11.99!!!! I don’t really want a coffee table because Nate is going to be pulling himself up and I just don’t want anyone to accidentally to put coffee on the table and nate pour it over him… Or knocks it on neutral carpet….. So coffee table is a NO for now… So i thought these side tables are perfect! Im going to get another one and they can easily be put away when the little terrors around!! … Ive actually decided to give the grey tables to my mum for her lounge… and ive seen B&M do this exact table but in WHITE MARBLE!!!!! So I’ll be going to collect 2 of them very soon!! If not il get another 2 grey for me!!


These little pots are also from Home bargains!!! And i THINK they were something like £1.99 each!!!! I chose not to get marble…. Well i haven’t seen any marble…. but i did just want grey! So atleast i won’t have to replace them in 6 months…


THE EASTER BUNNY!!!! Thats from home bargains & was £9.99!!! SO cheap! And it is actually huge!!!! Nate will love it! And it fits in with his nursery nicely!


This laundry bag is DREAMYYYYYYY! This is from Matalan and was only £12.. what i like about it is that it folds down too!!

I found the link for it here…

So these were all my items together….. Oh & the little  white baskets were also Home bargains i think they were like £2.99 each. And then I also got Nate a CUTEEEE little grey outfit from maternal which was £10. Then MUM bunting from matalan too for mothers day!!!! that was £5. And then the little Valentines yours & mine glasses and candles were from Home bargains. I thought they’d be perfect for mine & jaks little get away this weekend! So we are spending Valentines at home tomorrow with Nate & home cooking… Then we are away for 2 nights this weekend!!!! Im so anxious! Ive only ever left Nate for 1 whole night once!!!! And he’s almost 4 months old! And this is TWO nights! but Ive done it so we go Friday night & come back Sunday morning… So technically it is one whole day and 2 nights! But he sleeps for 10 hours a night anyway now. So its not like I’m leaving him with someone who has to do night feeds! Id feel far too guilty. Also dont ya love how my little shop.. I covered easter, valentines AND mothers day LOL I love an occasion!!


Next shop…. PRIMARK!!!!

So admittedly ive never been a huge Primark shopper. It was always so busy and messy so it stressed me out!! But ever since the new one at the Lexiocn at Bracknell opened, I like it!!! Its so spacious and less stressful!! So i went in for white vests for nate & came out spending loads. ALWAYS happens, its so easy to pick up things in there! Anyway These 2 home things…. So ive been looking for a letter board for ages and this one is soooo cute! I love the copper!!!! Im going to put it in in my new kitchen and write messages!! Also Found a marble tea candle light holder! Which is cuteeeeeee. Its actually so heavy too and solid! The letter board was £6! and the candle thing was £3 i think!

Next is…. The Range!!!!!!

So Ive started following home account on Instagram! Best and WORST idea ever!!!! Ive print screened so much that I’m going to go & buy!!! So i saw these items on there! So i ordered them online from the Range, which I dont like doing because i think going home shopping is so fun! But i NEEDED THEM! The Vase was £7.99 and the lamp was £9.99. But ive just looked online to get the link for you guys & ITS BEEN REDUCED to £6.99!! How amazing!!!

Ive linked them:

Also this little marble house trinket box is actually from my mother! A little moving out pretty! She knows i love my marble… Im not actually sure where its from I’m Afraid!!!


This cute throw was from Asda and is reversible it was £20!!! So i love having just plain white bed sheets & quilt! Something about it feels so fresh!!! But I love this throw!!,default,pd.html

SO I went for lunch with Jordi up to Woodley the other day & we walked  past Robert Dyas and saw these cute baskets!!!! They were on offer for 3 for 2.. and were £5.99 each! I decided to go for grey! I love little storage baskets like they, they’re so handy and keep the room tidy!! I had no where to put them though for the walk home.. SOZ nate !! Also found those 2 passport holders from Newlook for £5 each!! For when me and Nate go on one of our holidays in Summer!! Well I think I may get him a my first holiday cover and Jak can have the other marble one!!


How cuteeeee is this macbook case! I did just have a black one then i watched Celebs go dating and got all inspired!!! I literally just got it from amazon!!! Theres so many on there!

I also got Nate a door jumper!!! And its SO CUTE! He loves it!!! When he’s learning WTF to do in it… At the moment he is just using it to learn to stand! Which he’s getting so good at! Btw I TOLD YOU Nate would creep his way into this post!!!!! But his neck is strong enough for it now and he can hold it up!  I really struggled to find one i like!!! I liked how it was big though, like the bit where he sits so its got lots of support!

I got it from amazon and il link it:

Few pics from home this week ❤ How cute is Nates angel bodysuit!!!

Anyway thats it for this weeks home update!!! I had so many messages last week with links to marble home stuff!!! Which was so amazing!! Please feel free to send me anything you think id like !! Im going to post another blog post tomorrow about How ive got Nate to go to bed wide awake and how he self soothes! So i hope that’ll be handy for you guys!!

Lots of love,

Daisy & Nate x

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