Starting a routine day & night.. Day 1.

So if I’m being completely honest, Nate doesnt have a strict routine. Well up until now. But now he’s 17 weeks and I’m weaning him, it is the perfect time to introduce one!!! Where he will be having 3 meals a day, that will create a routine for him so I also need to introduce the bedtime routine.

Up until now, Ive just let Nathaniel call the shots, i let him take the lead in what he wants! But now it is time to get into a routine as he really needs it, in a way to settle him at night time too.  He does have a routine to an extent like has a morning nap and afternoon nap, but no way near a strict routine with times etc, which I’m going to start. Also where he’s started eating he needs a bath every single day! So its perfect time to start bedtime – dinner bath bottle story bed routine.

So at the moment, He wakes up around 8.30am. Starting from today, I decided his 1 meal a day is going to be breakfast! today he woke up so happy and not screaming for a bottle so it was the perfect opportunity. I got him up, gave him a cuddle then started preparing breakfast. It is the second day of weaning & HE LOVES IT!! I read online that its very normal for them to only begin with taking 1 or 2 mouthfulls but today…. He had the whole bowl. And wanted the rest of the bottle after. So i make up a 6oz bottle which is his normal feed… then i pour the 90ml into the bowl for his baby rice & then use the rest for after his meal!

So after his breakfast and bottle, i bought him into the lounge for some playtime! He absolutely loves his activity playmat as he’s grabbing things now and his legs are always in the air! So he loves being on it and i hear him giggling away! So then it got to 10.30am, and i decided this is a good time for nap time. So I put him in his cot, put the cot mobile on and left him. (I’m going to use his elephant music thing which shines stars on the wall aswell so sleep association for bedtime) I came back in the lounge and could hear him unsettled, i left him 5 minutes. Still crying so i went in, put his blanket back on him, gave him a dummy and reset the cot mobile. Also told him it is nap time now. And he’s fallen asleep!!! He normally has morning nap for an hour or so!

Because I’m weaning at 17 weeks i’m going to take it slow and give 1 meal a day of baby rice which is breakfast! But he’s just doing soooooo well with it! he’s already got used to the texture and his technique is getting better! So i think in a few days il introduce dinner time at 6pm – pure’d flavour. So sweet potato or broccoli etc. Then after his dinner I’ll start the bedtime routine.  Bath, bottle,story & bed. Where it will be very dark in there & il put his elephant music on! Il do another blog post on an update on his routine after ive introduced his dinner and 3 meals a day etc.

SO, he  woke at 11.15am screaming, SO I got him up! Now he’s having some playtime.. we did nursery rhymes & his door jumper. I gave him a bottle at 12, he only took 5oz and was messing around with it until 12.30, he then got so tired. He fell asleep in my arms with  his dummy in at 1. I then transferred him into his cot where he woke up and kicked off a little! i put his blanket on, cot mobile on & dummy in and left the room. I heard him moaning but i checked on him and at 1.10 he was fast asleep… dummy out, blanket off LOL this child !

He woke up at 2pm…. Then i decided 20 mins of babytv & 20 mins of uni work.

Then i decided to go for a walk…. its a 10 mins walk to the shopping precinct.. so i stopped for coffee too. I fed him in the coffee place at 3.20 & then came home. we had playtime and my dad came over and he went down for a nap at 5.30pm, i then went in and turned the lights on at 6.30pm to wake him. I then fed him a bottle & started bedtime routine at 7.15. We went and bathed him & read him a story. I gave him a few more oz of a bottle & he finally went down at 7.45. HOWEVER…. he didn’t actually sleep until 9pm!!!!!!! He just would not settle, i went in alot of times, cuddling, rocking etc. So nightime routine from start to finish – bath to sleep was 1 hour 45 mins!!!! But it will get shorter right ?! Haha the more he gets familiar with the routine the shorter it will be!!!!! It was progress though! As he normally goes to bed with us at 10.30/11pm!

I just have to keep it up now! & lets see what time he wakes up tomorrow morning…. when he goes to bed at 10pm he wakes at 9am… So I’m hoping he will wake up at 8am.. which would be PERFECT! as thats the time id want to wake him to get up anyway!!!!!! fingers crossed!!.. I want to shift the whole routine forward one hour. So he will be getting up at 8am and end up sleeping by 8pm. We will see how it goes! I will update in a week or so… when ive introduced dinner as well! See how well that slots into the routine!!!

Lots of Love,

Daisy Jane x

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