Sleeping in his big boy cot & 11 hours a night!!!

Ok so for the past week Nate has been napping in his cotbed!!! He was in a snuzpod right next to me and honestly we both love it!!! Im a big fan of cosleeping! SO i love him next to me… and when he was waking once in the night at 4am… He used to just go back to sleep in my arms! Thats just what worked for us and we loved it…. Then at 10 weeks he slept through the night for the first time….. which meant i missed out on my 4am snuggle and co sleep! But it was best for him! So at 10 weeks he was sleeping from around 10/11pm.. whenever we went to bed..  and then waking at 7am …. then at 12 weeks he was snoozing through to 9am.

But as ive started to wean him, ive started a strict routine alongside that! As this is the perfect time for routine, as he will have eating schedule so he will naturally fall into a routine anyway as he has a an hour nap 2 hours after he eats! He literally is the best napper everrrrrrrrrrrrr… Il put him in his cot with his cot mobile on and he will literally fall asleep in minutes how amazing! However with nighttime routine – he just would NOT settle!!!!! The first day of weaning & routine (in separate blog post) i bathed him and bottle story etc .. I started at 7.15pm he was in bed at 7.45 … and didn’t sleep until 9pm!!! AWFUL! I just didn’t get it as he is the best napper and goes straight to sleep!

Sooooo I thought it was time to put him in his cot at night time- it was natural and the best time. I did this 2 nights ago……… and he’s been stretching out and loving it! And last night he slept 8.30pm – 7.30am !!! How AMAZING!!!!!! I think yesterday as well- i gave him dinner at 5pm – bath at 5.30 pm. So this kind of soothed him. I then fed him a bottle at 7pm, and then when he starts getting grouchy i gave him a few oz at 8pm…. Then i thought id try my luck and see if he went down. I put him down at 8.20 & by 8.30pm he was asleep!!!! I had to go in there once and tell him its night night time & put his dummy in and the cot mobile back on & the stars that shine on the wall!!! And he went to sleep! Couldnt believe it!!!.. And then when Jak went to work today at 7am he was still asleep! Didn’t wake until 7.30 am…. I then went and made a bottle and came back to a smiley baby! he didn’t even cry when he woke up…. he was so so so smiley !!!!

So i think for sureeee it was because of dinner at 5pm & the bath time earlier, i think this really soothed him and relaxed him & he knew it was going to be bedtime. So then he had a few hours to really unwind! Next step is 7pm-7am. But i think I’m going to stick with the 8pm bedtime for now! Whilst he’s still doing 11 hours a night! He is exactly 4 months today and slept 11 hours! Clever clever clever boy!!!!!!

Next step is also him being in his own room. However thats complicated as I’m moving out… Im moving out in April which is when he will be almost 6 months… So I think as soon as i Move i will put him straight into his own room….. See how he takes it! He may be overwhelmed but worth a try! However if i choose to stay at home for little longer then il go back to my upstairs room & he will have the spare room changed into a new nursery!!!  Then our downstairs nursery will just be a second lounge. But I’m 90% sure il be moved out by April. I think he is actually so ready to be in his own room now but they do say to wait until 6 months, so the cot is the other side of the room! He doesnt even mind not being next to me…. (heartbreaking much) LOL.


Im currently filming a weaning vlog, but its going to take a while as i want him to be trying lots of flavours in it, and he’s still on baby rice. We did try broccoli but ERM,….. you’ll see in the video LOL.

Also I’m writing a 4 month upnate blog post, as he’s 4 months today, so it should be up in the next few days as they always  tend to be longer posts! however ive been doing alot of separate blog posts about things id normally write about in the update OH WELL!

And il be doing a blog post in a few weeks about weaning and a summary of how its going and how he’s taking to it & flavours etc.

Lots of love,

And bye bye snuzpod 😦 see you for the next kiddie !!

Daisy Jane x

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