We are now twistshake ambassadors!!!!!!!

SO, I have exciting news!!!! Im officially part of the TwistShake family! Im a brand ambassador!!! Honestly its made my week!

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been using different baby bottles (along with mam) .. And these baby bottles look like mini protein shakers (CUTE) and they’re Twistshake!

I first heard of the brand through a friend and i literally fell in love with the design!! They just didn’t even look like baby bottles, So I bought quite a few, the company is Swedish so the products are coming from Sweden so the delivery is around £9… So i bulk bought!!! And honestly they’re so amazing. They come with a little powder pot too in the same colour.

So I’ve been buying into and using these baby bottles for months now. I actually first bought them when Nate was still in my tummy. Everything I have of TwistShake so far, I have bought myself. Its a brand I truly truly love and thats why its such an amazing feeling to be a part of their family & work with a brand I actually love. You see on instagram too many times people working with brands just for the sake of working with a brand, I would never work with one I truly didn’t love.  So everything I have now I have bought myself & I only became an ambassador 2 days ago! But it is the best feeling ever that I can give people discount too on these amazing products! I’ve watched this brand grow! I’ve watched them bring out new ranges ( the pastel is UNREAL BTW, Nate has the mint green and light turquoise) and Ive seen them bring out their food range.. Bowls,knifes and forks & even click mats which means the bowl stays on the mat!

Before Nate was even born:

I also bought the bibs & soothers for Nate. Now he’s being weaned, i Use the bibs everyday and they’re amazing, they’re so easy to clean & catch every bit of food!! & Nate took the soothers for a while but then refused a soother in general now only takes one when he’s really really tired or got himself in a state!

My collection so far!

So if you guys use my code daisyjanecarberry you can get 20% off the full price pastel range which is amazing!! Also gives you an extra 10% off the neon range which is already in the sale so you get the 30%/40%/50% off & then an extra 10% with my code. (I also DO NOT get paid everytime someone uses the code so it literally is just a benefit for my followers) I love working with the brand so far & can’t wait to carry on and seeing where the future goes!

The website is – https://twistshake.com/eu

I hope you guys love TwistShake as much as I do!

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x x

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