Sooooo the time has come!! Ive always said I wanted to live at my Mums until Nate was 6 months old (for extra support etc) but the plan was always to move into my own place when he reached that age! I want them to have the special nanny grandson bond and for me it was important. I didn’t want her to ever have to discipline him and I felt like if i lived here for too long then she would, because she would have to.

Ive always reached that point where I’m just so so so ready to. Ready to have my own space! Well Mine & Nates own space. Jak isn’t moving in just yet. I always wanted my first place to be on my own! He still lives somewhere else but I expect he’ll be there alot anyway,unless he’s away for work.

So I’m staying in Woodley!! How could i ever leave?! I’m moving into a 2 bed place and it is 3 doors away from my dad!!! and a 5 minute walk from my mums! Which is so perfect for my first place, I’ve left home but still so close to home! Its a perfect stepping stone! It is one of my dads properties so my dad is my landlord LOL. Who lives 3 doors away… better cancel that housewarming party! lolol But I’m so glad this is the case, its in suchhhhhh a good location too.. right near tesco express, a park & close to the shopping precinct which is a 10 minute walk. It’s literally so perfect for me & Nate.

My current plan is to stay there for 2 years & then move somewhere bigger. But for now its so perfect for us & the perfect first home!!! Also need another bedroom in 2 years for baby number 2 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 So Its all decorated really nice as it was only done 2 years ago – all natural hessian paint & then the lounge has a grey carpet & the bedrooms have a greyish wood floor! So I think I’m going to just paint the lounge a light grey & have had permission from the landlord HAHA. Well might paint the lounge, ill see what the sofa looks like in there and all my marble stuff!! But I’m soooooo excited!

And my moving in date is: 24TH MARCH!!!!! Literally 2 & half weeks away! And I still have sooooo much to organise and get!! Ive been doing some homeshops for a few weeks now & then did a big IKEA one for kitchen stuff! Now just need to get bathroom stuff sorted!! (IKEA homeshop will be posted tomorrow) Also for my mums house, We’ve bought a new cotbed for Nate & going to buy me a bed so we still have a room here! So whenever i want to come here I can or Nate can come for sleepovers! But his current nursery will probably be changed back into second lounge!! Also if worst comes to absolute worst and I want to move back then I easily can as the spare room upstairs could be Nates nursery and il have my old bedroom upstairs back. BUT Im sure i won’t!! But its nice to have the security of knowing I can.

So I’m going to be post a little vlog tour of me getting the keys.. and what its like before i move in etc & then ill post another when I’m moved in & decorated etc!!! Exciting times!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love,

Daisy & Nate x


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