More home buys!!!!!! So as I now have a moving in date, 2 and a half weeks!! I need to get some necessities! So Jak & I went to IKEA on sunday and got some kitchen bits!! My friend Megan had Nate for a few hours so we could get on & get stuff DONE.. And it was HEAVING btw!! I would not head to Reading IKEA at the weekend, literally couldnt move in the carpark  & queues were RIDIC!!  My mum and I also went back the following day on the Monday LOL. Because you know when you see something, decide not to get it and then get home & regret it!! I dunno if theres a word for it, BUT I HAD IT!!! I also saw a cot that would be good for her house so we decided to go back! & it was empty! even got a mother & baby parking space..SCORE!!

Ok so first Sunday  shop this is what I got…. & All this came to £79




So bit of a product breakdown…

These basic glasses were 50p each!!!!! So i got 8! Then got 2 glass coffee mugs. Also got 4 white mugs & 3 grey… Don’t ask why just 3 grey. I didn’t want to go overboard and I also have marble mugs in the dining set I got!


I got this set of 3 pots for £7 and then 2 pans! Im not going to lie.. I’ve lost the receipt! Classic daisy!!! so I’m remembering these prices from memory!


So I dont even know what half of kitchen utensils are!! But I got some knives, a whisk a spoon thing in a pack of 2 other utensils , scissors, ….. VITAL – A BOTTLE OPENER!!!! & a scrubby thing for the sink! They were all like £2 I think. The knives were a little more.


Then a sieve, grater & collander!!!! How pretty is the colander though !!! Again they were superrrrrrr cheap!


Then these grey tea towels!!! Obvs grey!!!! & this oven glove…. Then I got home and realised hmmmm maybe i should get 2?!?! Makes more sense.


Then these little bowls! Perfffffffff for weaning! They were £1-£2 for a set!! Literally the perfect size & they’re plastic! So easy.


Wasnt IKEA but was on the same day … I ran into sainsburys next door for baby milk & spotted this BEAUTY!!!! £12.50 reduced from £25!!!!! Amazzzzzzeeeee!



SO! Day 2 in IKEA!

& LOL Nate came along and was NO amused by the whole thing!!


So I ended up getting this simple coffee table!! £14 you can’t really go wrong!!!!!! Just simple & white!


I also got a plain white TV stand, again just simple and minimalistic!! £9!!!! Can you believe it !!!


So the whole point of Mum & I going was for her to get this cot I had seen. It was reduced to £40! Never seen a cot so cheap! So, as I’m moving out, I’m taking my bed with me & taking Nates beautiful big sleigh cotbed & all his furniture  – changing table, wardrobe etc. So for my mums, we need a bed here & a cot for Nate.. for when we stay or when Nate comes for sleepovers. HOWEVER, we ended up choosing a bigger cot…. An actual cotbed so it will last longer for Nate. I don’t have a picture of it but its more sturdy too!


Im not too keen on this coffee table… But i got MAJOR inspo from this!!! So I’m to buy white flowers to cover the shelf my white coffee table! How unreal will that look!


So this is the coffee table & tv stand!!! Cant wait (For Jak) to make it!!!


And then I also got some more necessities!! An extra oven glove WOOPS lol! So needed!!! A white peg thing! A dust pan & brush! And a little tin container for washing up utensils LOL and one of those utensils with the rubber curved end, can’t think of the name!!!! Woops.. Domesticated Queen!!


So thats my IKEA shop! I still need to get bathroom stuff – towels, mats etc! But that will be next week or so! I recommend IKEA so much!! Its so good for just a huge shop in getting everything you need! However some things I’m going to get elsewhere – like cutlery – it was all just plain silver for £14 which I think I can get nicer elsewhere for a similar price! I also thought duvet sheets were expensive ?! But for basics its really good!! I dont really care what my dustpan & brush looks like!

Anyway! Im moving on the 24th march so watch out for a VLOG tour!! Im going to VLOG as soon as i get the keys then will also do another when all my stuff is in and its decorated etc!! Also posting a weaning VLOG tonight… all about Nates first week, so go check that out 🙂

Lots of Love,

Daisy Jane x

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