My first Mother’s Day 💐


Welllll.. technically my second! Because last year nate was a little blueberry inside me!! He was just 4 weeks old inside me!

But this is the first with him in my arms!!! And it was amazzzzzzzing! I just can’t believe how quick this year has gone… I literally remember last year thinking “omg he will actually be here next year and we will be celebrating this day together” now the day is here! So surreal! And makes me feel unwell thinking about next year… He’ll be 16 months & walking and talking! Slow down time!!!!

Ok so, This weekend.. Friday Jak & I had a date night! We just went to Woodley Prezzo (5 mins from me) for dinner & drinks and then went next door to Bosco for more drinks. I think it’s so important to still have date nights for our relationship! So we try once a week, like last week we went to the cinema for date night. We were back by 11pm though!


Then Saturday Jak woke up & took Nate into Reading to go shopping. SO I had a few hours alone & OMG i was so bored! I ended up laying in bed watching nettflix which i haven’t done on my own for months! And also ended up calling Jak checking up on him & asking for pics of nate!! So he came back & we went for a walk in Caversham along the river. One of the most traumatic experiences of my life. So we were walking along the river & I saw some swans & geese and I thought it’d be a good idea to follow them where there are loads. I thought it’d be  good idea for a cute pic of me and Nate infront of the swans. It was not. it was the worst idea of my life. Jak took the pic, then it just went downhill from there really. A huge flock off pigeons came at me and I’m not talking like 10, I’m talking a FLOCK about 100. So i ducked behind the pushchair.. every man for themselves. Then it just went even more pear shaped. Then some kids started pissing off the geese & I faced the brunt of it. The geese were then walking round hissing with their mouth open towards me, swans started putting their wings up. ABORT MISSION. I started crying, i was literally surrounded. I turned around ,the river was right behind me with about 50 Swans, Crap. Actual no way out.  If i jump in there with those swans, id have zero chance of survival. So i looked around and there were about 3 geese actual blocking my route out of there. I started crying, they were closing in on me. So jak came over, but he grabbed the push chair. Great thanks Jak. My night in shining armour. But then he didn’t even move, he just thought it was funny, so i was just curled up into his back crying. I think i actually had a panic attack. I thought i was done for, save yourself Jak. Honestly you dont understand how scary it was, i thought i had a slight phobia of birds – swans & geese but now I realise, that phobia may be more serious. I just thought i was going to be chased, imagine being chased by a swan or goose though. Makes me shudder thinking about it. Anyway i’ve gone off topic. Back to Mothers day. Ok so after that ideal, we had to sit on a bench so I could calm down. Jak still finding it hilarious. I was like crying and laughing at the same time. It was very emotional and i absolutely do not recommend standing infront of swans for a pic. ever. So after that we went to the park!! Nates first time, and he loved the swings and Jak took him down the slide! Which he also loved!!! We then came home.. fed Nate dinner, bathed & he was asleep in bed for 7.10pm!!! We then also went to bed at 9pm LOL.  Jak also left early the next morning to go to Berlin for Work.




So this is the situation .. fab swan pic 🤘🏻


And then .. the main culprit!!

Anyway nate loved the park ..

So Mothers day Sunday, Woke up alone as Jak abandoned me.  We did gifts the day before though! I knew he was up to something because when he got back from town with Nate, Nate was covered in blue and green paint!

So, Me & Nate went upstairs saw my Mum/ Nates nanny, gave her card. We were meant to go to church but we didn’t have time as we were going for lunch. We then got ready & went into Reading. Me, my mum, Nate & my 2 brothers went to Coconut for lunch. Suchhhhhhh good food btw! I recommend it! Its one of my faves! Nate was so so well behaved, he literally passed out as soon as i put him back in his push chair which was hilarreeee. Anyway, so then we went to my nans to see family & then came home. So now I’m currently in my pjs about to watch netflix as Jaks not here. And jak left his phone in england boooooooooooo bad boyfriend 😦  So jak got me a bunch of beautifully flowers from Nate, a card from nate and he bought finger paints so Nate made a little masterpiece for me which I’m sure he loved doing! Then Jak made me a beautiful frame & picture from scratch of me him & Nate. And its marble, he knows me soo well! And then he got me personalised chocolate from Thorntons yummmmmm! My mum also got me a lil prezzy, candles which i really wanted from TKMAX! a mum keyring & a card which is so nice! I got spoilt!!!!!!

So its been a verse chilled Mothers day, but just so ideal & perfect! I absolutely loved my first Mothers day and spending it with my son. I love being his mummy and I’m so so proud of him.  I’m so grateful to have been blessed with him and I love my little family so so much.

I also did a little surprise vlog!!!! Well it isn’t very long or very entertainign as i was just filming on the saturday for keepsakes & then decided to film a little bit today for a video! But check it out!

The link is:

Lots of Love,

Diasy & Nate x

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