I can’t believe 4 months has flown by!!!! He is a third of year old! It makes me so happy seeing him grow and him hit his milestones but also so sad that its going so quick! You want your babies to hit their milestones but then when they’ve hit them all, they’re grown up!

So a month in baby time really is a lot!! He’s grown and developed so so much since 3 months and the 3 months post!! So this post is from 27th January – 27th February, his fourth month of life!

So this ย month has been extremelyyyyyyyy busy!!! I got a moving in date to my place! (in different blog post) I have stated buying all the interior, LOTS and LOTS of marble!! I bought the sofa too! Then a big IKEA shop!

We also got his christening date & the invites went out! 1st April, Easter Sunday! I’m so excited! So this month has also been about Christening prep!!!!! Ordering lots of deco etc! Hopefully it will be amazing, but its going to be quite low key! Nathaniel is the only baby being christened so she said I can invite as many people as I want, but Ive chosen for it to be just family & close friends.

I spotted Nate on the Next website!!!! His first photoshoot which was when he was 4 weeks old! And he looks superrrrrrrr cute! Ive ordered the baby grow too to keep! It is in the girls/unisex section. ย Was amazing seeing him on there! felt like such a proud mama!

So Nates milestones & development: Nate had his first laugh!!! My mum managed to catch it on camera!! he has been laughing so so much this month, literally the best noise! His teething is soooo bad atm! He’s in so much pain & his little cheeks are bright red. Im giving him calpol & bonjela and then the fridge teething rings! Its so horrible seeing your child in pain. ย He is sitting up now, only a tiny bit aided, il have my hand under his armpit! Wont be long now! Also he’s very close to rolling finally!!! I put him on his play gym & his legs are constantly in the air and he gets half way over!!!! Just needs to learn what his arms are because his legs are there! At 17 weeks, I started his weaning journey!! I dont want to go too much into it as I’m going to do a separate blog post on it… But its going well! Started slow…. one meal a day of baby rice.. then upped it to half a standard portion size for breakfast too.. and introduced flavours. He loves loves loves banana porridge and he loves carrot pureรฉ. He HATED broccoli!!! I also vlogged his first week the link is:https://youtu.be/uGITAZvZ-uo

And his first day weaning and buying my sofa vlog: https://youtu.be/vy9kz5kT2Mw

By him eating has helped me started a routine with him. I always just let him lead the way and went with what he wanted. But now we have a proper routine. He wakes up – 3oz bottle then half an hour later he will have breakfast which is 45ml of milk & 1 tablespoon of baby rice. Then 2 hours later at 11 he has a nap – normally around 1-2 hours. Then he wakes up for playtime & then a bottle 6oz and then 2 hours later goes down for another nap… wakes up about 5 & have a bit more play. Then dinner at 5.30 or 6pm. Then ill wait to bath him until around 6.45/7pm. Then he has a story, bottle & bed!!!!! And it works so well for us. Nate also had his 3rd jabs and they were AWFUL!!!!!!!!! It was 3 jabs & then he was so upset and unsettled. He woke up that night at 2am boiling hot and wanted cuddles and comforting. It really effected him, he was himself for about a week afterwards! His legs were also so painful from the needles and he had little bruises, so he would just scream and cry whenever i picked him up or moved him which was so so sad! He’s also in his cotbed! The other side of the room which he absolutely loves. we started off just putting him in it for naps but he just loves stretching out and he outgrew his snuzpod at 3 months but I wasnt ready for him not to be next to me. But its for the best now. And when I move out he will be 5 months old & he will go straight into his new nursery. No point putting his cotbed in my room, may as well use the opportunity to take this step, which he’s just so so so so ready for. ย He is now sleeping for around 11 hours! He goes down and asleep at 8pm – wakes about 7am. However if he wakes up at 6am then he has about 3oz of milk then goes back to sleep in my bed! Becaase Jak left for work by then.

Talking of Jak… This month also saw our relationship grow so strong. We spent Valentines with Nate as its Nates first ever Valentines! Also Me & Jak finally went Facebook official LOL. Im excited for the future.

Nate is in his mamas & papas floor chair, which he is unsure about. He will get used to it though! Also he absolutely loves his door jumper!!!! he doesn’t really know what to do he just stands but at the moment its helping his strength to stand!! Then we bounce him! ย He also got to go in his little f1 walker! which he lovesssssss, he stands in it smiling looking round, so proud!! I think I’m going to buy a jumperoo as well, because apparently they absolutely love them!! And i can’t always put him in the door one.

I filmed a few days for a 13 weeks vlog! Which may have saw Nate trying g&t…. Go check it out here: https://youtu.be/eQa6BJosQw8

Nate also met his nanny & uncle. Family is so important to me so its important Nate has all his family around him. I can’t wait for him to get to know them.

Sooo…. I’ve started his summer wardrobe! Been buying age 6-9 months! And i loveeeeeeeee the summer fashion! bloomers & rompers galore!!!!!!! I went to mother care & had a bit of a haul!!!! I love the peter rabbit range & the heritage range!! Now just to book some holidays!!!!! OBSESSED WITH THE PETER RABBIT CARDIGAN!!!

For Sleep safer week which is march 12-18th, ive teamed up with Mam for a giveaway. It’s on my Instagram @daisyjanecarberry for full instructions on how to enter!!

One last bit of news! I’m now on the my bump 2 baby as one of their favourite bloggers which is so exciting !! Download their app to check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

here are some more snaps of our month together ๐Ÿ’œ lots and lots of brunches and lunches!

Lots of love

Daisy & Nate x x

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