HOTTER shoes

Ok Soooooo..

If you know me then you know I’m just not a trainer kinda gal. Im strictly boots, dollys and loafer kinda gal. But since becoming a mum, comfort comes into the picture so much more now. I haven’t worn heels in over a year and i just dont know how i done it for all those years. Ask all my friends – they love a nike trainer or adidas trainer but i just never really felt that vibe!! They look good & i like their fashion but it just isn’t me. I have a cheeky nike roshe… but ive only ever worn them in the gym! But recently, ive been looking around my wardrobe for something comfy – but just couldn’t bring myself to put on the gym trainers to go out. Because lets face it… a few times ive ran to asda at 10pm for baby milk in sweatpants…. its mum life!!! I just want something fashionable but comfy.


introuding…………… THE BROOKE!!!!! by Hotter Shoes.

” Stylish and sporty casual” And that so bang on!!!!

How amaaaaaze are they!!!! Honestly they’re the answer to all my prayers!!

So heres all the important info:

Featuring premium Hotter Softy Leather or Velvet Nubuck uppers, padded collar and tongue, on-trend contrast sole and breathable, cushioned insole, lace-up casual, Brooke, delivers maximum wearability and go-with -anything style.

  • Hotter Softy leather or Velvet Nubuck uppers
  • Cushioned leather insole
  • Flexible, ridged sole
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Upper Material:
    • Blue River: Nubuck
    • Duck Egg: Leather
    • Ivory: Leather
    • Salmon: Leather
  • Sock Material: All Leather
  • Lining Material: All Textile – Leather
  • Sole Material: All Polyurethane
  • Removable Insoles: Yes
  • Fastening Style: Lace Up
  • Heel Height: 25mm, 1 inch

So, I’ve met some of the Hotter girls at a blogging event and honestly they’re so friendly and amazing! I really love the brand so absolutely thrilled to be able to give a glowing review to them, because as you know I would never ever give a fake review! Everything I write is honest.

So Jak & i, decided to take Nate to the park for the first time, a day after my shoes arrived and I couldn’t wait to strut my stuff and give them a whirl!!

SO, these are just the perfect shoe. Like i said before Im not a trainer kinda gal, but these are actually so stylish I dont even feel like I’m wearing a trainer. And the comfort is unreal!!!! Honestly felt like i was walking on a cloud, no rubbing my feet like dolly shoes do. You know that feeling… you wear brand new dollys or loafers buzzing because they’re amazing but then long day at work… standing on the train just thinking about how much you want to take them off and just imagining the bloody horror scene in your shoe. WELL. those days are over!!!!!! They fitted my feet perfectly and literally moulded around my foot! Also… Im a size 5 but since pregnancy my feet got bigger?! So during pregnancy my swollen paddle feet went to a size 6.. And now my size 5s feel a little snug so I went for a size 5& half and it was the perfect size!!!!! Its so annoying nowadays that most places dont sell half sizes?!  Not quite a 6 but 5 too small, I NEED A HALF!!!!! So yes, buzzing that they sold a 5& half!!!!!

It literally took me soooo long to decide which colour!!! If you know me you know I love grey or white. So first of all i was like YES ivory is my thing!!!! Ivory for the win! But then I thought hm, I’m such a mucky pup & I love taking nate around the lake for a walk… So then i decided the Blue river which is close to a  navy. AND then i thought… hmmm I do wear black jeans alot. SOOO finally chose the duck egg! Because I love a grey.  When i think of duck egg i usually imagine a dusty pale blue but these are so much closer to grey and I’m obsessed with the colour!!!!! Such a nice colour which goes with so much, I can rock these with my black jeans or blue jeans or white jeans!!! Or even a white sundress in the summer!!!! Now ive mentioned summer, now I’m thinking argh maybe i should have gone for the salmon. BUT NO, I’m thrilled with my choice!!!!!!!!! Took about 22 minutes but I fully support my decision!!!  The colours amazing and I even go with the colour scheme in my  house and life!

I think the best bit about these shoes for me is just how stylish but comfy they are. I don’t feel like I’m leaving the house int trainers, i feel like i can still be on trend but without trying too hard to be cool as well.  I’m so busy all the time too – being a mum, doing mu law degree, going back to work soon AND moving into my own place. I’m running around most days – getting baby stuff, getting interior stuff etc so i just need to be comfy! And when Nates toddling around and I’m spending my life chasing him and making sure he doesn’t chase swans, I feel like i have a good chance of catching up with him in these!!!!!

Anyway!  I really really recommend these shoes! The brand is so amazing and these shoes i genuinely give a 10/10 !! Im sure my instagram will be full of pics of me in them!!!

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x

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