Home update 💙

So I haven’t posted about anything home related for a while!! Lots of exciting new purchases! And the moving in date is SUNDAY!!!!

I officially get the keys Saturday, but we are moving Sunday!!! Sooooo… I’m going to film a getting the keys VLOG… and a little tour with it untouched by us!! And then in a few weeks I’ll film how its looking, and how we’ve decorated etc!

Soooo… I popped into Primark this week and picked up these cute home buys!! I’m literally obsessed with that blanket! The print is amazing and its huge! i think that one will be for the grey sofa. I need to stop buying blankets! I now have a grey knitted one, a marble bed throw, a marble soft blanket & now the primark one! Like i need to stop buying lamps, I have 3 grey ones & 1 marble! 2 grey ones for the bedroom, 1 for Nates room & then the marble for the lounge. I just want a white duvet.. I saw a marble duvet cover but i think thats just too much and i don’t really like printed duvet covers.  Need cushions for the sofa so thought those grey ones would  be cute! Then got some grey tea light candles for that little marble candle holder i got from primary a while ago.

So basic work that needs doing – we are going to paint the lounge a pale grey… the carpet is already a grey! We’ve already booked the decorator. And then change the cupboard fronts to white! Which Jak is going to laminate. So the kitchen will be neutral tiles – black worktop & white cupboards.  Thats literally all that needs doing. The bedrooms are really neutrally painted and a light pale grey wood on the floor! Perfect! Then going to add grey accessories to Nates. And probably mine. The bathroom is amazing and is all neutral coloured tiles and a huge walk in shower!

Jak got us a 43″ 3D tv for the lounge which is perfect to go on our stand.

I’ve ordered a extendable table from Very, it’s a square which extends to rectangle!!

Also these 2 dining room chairs which I got REALLY cheap from amazon for £53 for 2!!!!! Perfect for when Nates walking and throwing food around.

I also ordered bath sheets from very. I got a pack of 2 grey ones for £11, i got 6 bath sheets, 2 bath towels & then 2 hand towels. all grey! Actually 2 of the bath sheets are white.

We also did a little quick Matalan & home bargains shop the other night. As I had to return a grey side table I got, as I found a marble one from B&M which is UNREAL! I ordered a black Delongi toaster from Very, however I changed my mind on it. Because we are changing the cupboard fronts to white I’ve decided to go for white accessories! So i found these from home bargains in total of £40 together!!!!!! So So cheap! Thats how much the 1 Delongi toaster was.  The cutlery set was also from home bargains and was £10 and its so nice!! I did do a big Ikea kitchen shop, but i think ikea is amazing for proper basics. But its not always the nicest or cheapest! There was a cutlery set for £15 and it was so basic and wasn’t that nice and i found a really  nice set for £10! The marble blanket was from Matalan for like £7 I think. The baking trays were soooo cheap from Matalan! £6 for 3!!!!! Then the tongs and bottle opener were also matalan and were like £2 each!

I also ordered 2 A3 prints of these pictures of Nate which I LOVE! I’ve had so many people messaging me how i got the bath white etc! And I will reveal all on my Q&A.. But I’m going to frame these pictures and have them side by side in my bedroom! They’re so cute!!!!

I also have had lots of questions about where I got these pictures for Nathaniels nursery .. the print and frame came together & I will also reveal in my Q&A video tomorrow!! But I love them so much … they’re grey and amazing 😍

We also tried to make our own pictures for Nates nursery!!!! Watch the vlog here it’s quite funny 😂 I did manage to get a few good footprints so I will frame one and put it up!! The link is here:https://youtu.be/7kbrtrnt28Y

& Jak made me this beautiful picture from scratch and it’s marble & grey so will look amazing in our lounge! I love it

So thats a few home updates for now! 3 days until we officially move and I’m so excited!!!!! New chapter! And can’t wait to see all my home stuff come together! Its going to be amazing. Il be filming the getting the keys vlog on Sunday so HOPEFULLY be uploaded Monday! But we will be busy busy making flat pack furniture 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

ALSO if theres anything you want to ask me…. anonoumsly then I’m filming a Q&A tomorrow morning so pop your question here –  http://daisyjcarberry.sarahah.com

lots of love,

Daisy Jane x x

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