Little B&M bank holiday haul

So I loveeeeeeee a little home shop as you know! And I LOVE b&m!!!!! So when meg texted me asking if I wanted to go , OBVIOUSLY had to say yes! So here’s my little haul: (because who goes into b&m and comes out with one thing)

And I also got some cleaning stuff but that’s boring AF .. so here they are … cleaning products cos I’m domestic goddess now. They’ll look pretty in my cleaning cupboard unopened collecting dust xx

Anywayyyyy.. the fun stuff!!!!

Little action shot: and a little trolley pic

So it took EVERYTHING in me not to buy these –

Honestly I couldn’t stop thinking about them the whole way round the shop! But I’ve made the right decision. I love my grey ones! Actually as I write this I’m thinking hm maybe I should go back and get them…. probably will !! LOL

Ok .. SO

How cute is this summer chair for Nate for the garden?!?! It was like Β£5.99 or something ridiculous! He’s gonna look soooo cute in it!

I spotted this cute nursery rug!!! It goes exactly with his blue star and grey star cushions I got from b&m!!! Thought it would look nice in his nursery!

How UNREAL is this clock!!!! So I’ve started to think about the lounge walls and they’re so empty!

So this clock is going to go in this wall space! The other walls are far too big for it!

and then on the topic of walls! I bought 2 grey picture frames for the lounge as well… haven’t decided which pictures are going in them yet! I’ve got 2 a3 prints of Nates milk bath but they’re going in white frames in my bedroom! And my maternity shoot picture is also going in my room lol.

So I’m thinking on either of these walls and then the other will have a mirror!!!!

They’re really good frames because you can choose either a4 with mount or a3 without! And they’re only Β£4.99 each!!’ Such a bargain!!!

And then something else for nate & his nursery…

the cutest little chair!!!!!!!!!!! A little grey chair which will go so nicely in his nursery! It’s sooooooooo cute and I can’t wait for him to be sitting in it!! It was Β£7.99 I think! I love it!

And then boring household stuff …. I think the washing bowl was like 99p! And then CUTLERY DIVIDERS! Which I’ve needed! And I found a grey and white one which goes exactly in my kitchen!!!!!!! Finally some organisation … also a cutlery drainage thing …. so I have a box thing where I keep brushes – bottle brushes and washing up brushes but I’ve been putting my cutlery in it after I wash it and I actually really like doing it … so when I saw the cutlery drainage thing it was literally ideal!!

And can’t forget my most crucial item … GARLIC MAYO!!! (Crucial – crucials see what I did there?!?! ) Who doesn’t like garlic mayo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 this ones the best too!! Because the garlic isn’t like mega overpowering!! It is πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Anyway! It was only a small haul!!!! And a little home update! My FULL vlog tour should be coming next week! Just need all the finishing touches and need to try get Jak to put all the pictures up today as he’s in the south of France for a week!

Also NATES CHRISTENING TOMORROW! So may do a blog or vlog!

Lots of love

Daisy Jane x x

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