Nates Happy post!!

This weeks purchases for my baba! We’ve started summer shopping which is very exciting!!!!!

So first of all..

mum group will love this one … I GOT A BAMBOO BAMBOO plate!!!!! So these are suction plates & the plates you always see on insta! So when one of the mamas in mum group said they had 20% off for Easter , I just HAD to purchase! And I went for the bunny design! And 2 spoons! I think my next purchase will be just the plain plate but I love the bunny! So cute!!

Next is a little my 1st years order!! Which is my fave website EVER! Especially for newborns! I’m obsessedddd with personalised stuff!! So, I’ve started using Nates sleeping bag which Snuz sent me because nate started grabbing and started grabbing the blanket over his head and pyjamas tops over his head which TERRFIED ME. so blankets were a no so I put him in his sleeping bag and he LOVES it. I love the Snuz one because it has a zip where you can change their nappy without getting them out the whole sleeping bag which is mega handy!!! But my mum got this one for Nates room at hers! So nate has a cotbed at my mums but no sleeping bag! So she found this one on my1st years .. it’s 6-18m and it’s MASSIVE!! emotional!! But atleast it will last him a long time! and then nate also got a little bag! So basically when we go out, nate needs a lot of entertaining which means a lot of toys come out with us! And they just take up so much room in the changing bag! So this is his toy bag which will come with us! Well if it needs to! Obvs when we pop out we won’t need it but we will if we go for lunch or something!! It is also from my 1st years next is H&M order!! And HOW CUTE ARE THESE LITTLE CHELSEA BOOTS! They’re AMAZING! I can’t wait for nate to wear them! But he’s still got quite a while as they’re size 2-3! They were in the sale for Β£6.99!

also in the sale were these knitted trousers! I think they were Β£7! Sooooooo cute! I find H&M sizes come out so small! So I got size 9-12. So they actually last a while. They’re so cute, I love all things knitted and I love navy … and then I also got some socks! next is good old primark!! So me and Matthew went to town and we popped in because he needed to get something! But obvsssss I couldn’t help myself … had a little look in the kids & home section which is very conveniently on the same floor …..

and I did some summer shopping!!!!!! Cutest purchases!

so how cute are these little shorts 😭😭😭😭😭😭I got 6-9 months & I think they were all about Β£3.50 each! Absolutely can’t go wrong for Β£3.50!!!! They’ll look so cute with a little shirt or t shirt !! And the jersey ones are more for chillingggggggggf .. he can match jak so I bloody love a bear ear!!! Cutest thing ever! Sooo my fave hooded cardigans with the bear ears are from gap… I bought them for every age πŸ˜‚ 0-3 & 3-6 … and then I spotted this one! Thought it would be so perfect for summer as it’s white & it’s actually quite light!! I think it was like Β£6!! So this little shirt was Β£4!! Such a bargain!! Thought it would look so cute with his new shorts!! I also got 9-12 because it actually looks quite small?! It has no stretch/elastic in it! So atleast it will last until September !! HOW AMAZING ARE THESE!!!! I’ve wanted to get nate some sunglasses ever since the sun the other day!! Saw these for Β£1 and they are for babies! Also saw some aviators but they were pink and in girls section 😦 I’m suchhhhh a day an aviator gal so I do really want to get nate some aviators too! But these will do for now!! They’re mega cute however nate wasn’t too keen ..

So if you know me you know I LOVE Harry Potter! Literally watched every film about 15x!!! I’m secretly a little nerd! So when I saw these dribble bibs I had to have them! I love that they’re grey too! So they will go with most his clothes lol

Little bath wash accessory!! Which I thought was cute & grey.. so will fit in with our house! He hates having his face washed so atleast I can entertain him with this & then quickly do it and hope he doesn’t cry because he was so entertained ..

IS IT ME OR DO BABIES LOSE SOCKS?! I bought so so so many when he was born and he literally has one pair of white left & like 3 blues ?! Tbf he kicks them off all the time …. so I ordered some from h&m and decided that wasn’t enough so did a sock haul in primark! 5 pairs for Β£2.50.. so went for 0-6 & 6-12 because the 6-12 will just fall off atm! And then bought 3 packs of grey πŸ˜‚ because most his clothes are grey or white!!

we’ve also ordered a teepee for Nate! So online I was looking for one and they’re all about Β£100 and THEN I SPOTTED THIS BEAUTY IN ALDI FOR Β£40!!!!!!! And it’s grey 😍😍 will fit right in!!! Atm we are going to put cushions in it and make it really comfy for nate to watch tv and read stories etc! Then he can play it in when he’s bigger !!

Last but certainly not least! Nate has become a brand rep for gummee! And honestly – he LOVES it! You can see from the pictures! He is a typical teething baby – knawing at his hands and loves sophie the giraffe! So this combines both!!!! And he loves chewing it and loves playing with it in his hands! Honestly recommend so much! They’re Β£16 and can get them from Amazon or Argos or lots of other places! I really really recommend! Loads of people had also messaged me saying their babies also love them!

I also bought him a little white sunhat but it was delivered to my mums and still there! It was just from eBay for like Β£5 and its plain but cute! Perfect for summer!

Also quick note on this little Aldi! Toys r us closing down sale! I always knew I wanted nate to have this & they don’t sell it anywhere else in the U.K.! So had to get it now! He can’t use it until 10 months! It was reduced from Β£120 to Β£83 !!! I can’t wait for him to use it!!

So that’s it for his little summer purchases for this week! Thought I’d do this post as I’ve had lots of messages asking where his new bits are from! I’m currently also working on a 5 month upnate post! And going to film a little YouTube when jak is back from Cannes! Maybe a day in the life next week!

Anyway that’s all from me!

Lots of love,

DaisyJane x

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