5 month upnate 💙

Soooo it’s a little late!!! Shock! But suchhhh a busy month!!! But some exciting updates!!! So this is from 27th feb – 27th march!

So this month –

So in this time we’ve had lots of snow days! Which has been super fun! We’ve tried to make most of it. The first day I dug out my proper ski jumpsuit! IT STILL FIT!!!! Size 10 top shop! Tad snug…. deffo couldn’t get thermals under but OH WELL it done up and that’s all I’m happy about!! Then jak nate & I walked to brunch in the snow and I absolutely refused to even attempt to get the silver cross through the snow so jak had to carry nate the whole way.. and we’re talking about an 18lb baba!

Weaning is well underway! You can watch his first day and first week on my YouTube channel! He’s absolutely lovingggggggg food! Honestly loves everything I give him and opens his mouth! He even tries to hold the spoon himself!

This month we also saw his 20 weeks in & 20 weeks old milestone!!! It got me all emotional because I remember the day of his 20 week scan so so well! However the dress I wore deffo seemed to be a bit more loose when I was 20 weeks preg LOL

This month was about lots of prep for moving out! Then I finally made the move March 25th! I don’t want to write too much about it as that will be in the 6 month upnate! I also filmed the getting the keys, first look & moving in! I haven’t actually filmed a full tour as we are moving again……. so I haven’t put up any of the pictures on the wall etc!

We also did a milk bath!!!! It worked out so well!! I absolutely love the pictures and printed them out a3 size to go on my bedroom wall! For people asking … I ran a normal bath normal temp but a little more shallow and then added formula powder but you can also add cows milk!

I filmed a Q&A vlog which answers lots of questions about me, nate & jak! Even though they were mainly all about jak! It’s on my YouTube channel … I think I may do another one in 2 months or so!

So in this month – nate has become SUCH a giggled, it literally warms my soul hearing him laugh.. however he mainly laughs at Jak. Apparently mummy just isn’t that funny!!!! He absolutely loves standing!!! If he’s on your lap he will just want to stand up and when you hold him Up so he’s standing he does a 😮 shocked face every single time like omg look at me!!! I’m standing !! It’s the cutest thing. He also is grabbing. Every. Thing. If you’re sat at a table with him he will grab whatever is infront of him!! He is also getting so good at sitting! He is sitting aided for now!

I also had my first Mother’s Day! (Video on YouTube on my day) and it was so so lovely! It was amazing because Mother’s Day last year I knew i was pregnant but no one else did!!!! I was about 5 weeks pregnant & my mum wrote me a card ‘from your little blueberry’ as he was sooo tiny back then! Never ceases to amaze me when I think about it. How far we’ve come in just a year – from being a blueberry to growing , being born and now this bubbly bouncing 5 month old! It’s really amazing.

he also had his first st Patrick’s day! So in true spirit we all wore green!!!

Sorry that this blog hasn’t been very informative or detailed! He’s 10 days away from being 6 months old! So it’s so difficult to write and think back to what he was doing 3 weeks ago! And trying not to include what he’s accomplished in past 3 weeks ( it’s a lot)

But that’s his 5 month upnate!

I can’t believe he’s almost half a year old!!! So emotional!!

Some more pics from this month-

Lots of love

Daisy & Nate x x

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