So celebration time! Nate got his first tooth at 5 months!! Which is actually quite early! He started getting teething pain at 4 months – so I knew a tooth was coming fairly soon!

So teething is meant to be one of the most excrutiating things you go through but because you’re a baby when you go through it – you can’t remember it or the pain! But the thought of a sharp tooth cutting through your gum is horrible! Honestly it’s one of the worst things seeing your baby in pain and not being able to completely take that pain away. But these are the things that have helped Nate with the pain … also the things that didn’t work! I’m away at the moment so il try link as much as I can and upload pictures!

CALPOL! We’ve found it to be a life saver. I didn’t want to give it to him too much so if he was really really bad I’d give him 2.5ml… probably every few days. I found it really really helped him & within 5 mins it was pain relief for him and he’d settle.

Bonjela – hmmmm I’m undecided on this product. At 4 months we used it so much on him – it’s quick pain relief. It’s got local anaesthetic in it so numbs the gum. It was amazing for a quick fix but we found it only was effective for 30 mins! It’s quite hard to apply because nate would resist and then spit some of it out!

Anbesol liquid – I swear by this!!!!! It’s so easy to apply as you just put it on your finger and it’s liquid so goes on the gum so easily! Nate would sometimes try spit some out but was unsuccessful! It worked so so so so well! Instant pain relief and for a few hours!! However we had a bit of an incident which some went in his eye which led to A&E .. ( he was absolutely fine as something which goes in mouth which is edible won’t be dangerous for an eye but I’m a worry) so that’s kind of scarred me so I haven’t used it since so then we moved onto ….

Teething granules – so I kept hearing about them but at the time we were all over the bonjela! It wasn’t until we were in Kent visiting Jak’s brother & family and they have a son who is a month older than Nate and nate was in lots of pain so they gave us a watcher of teething granules and it literally worked so well! I found it doesn’t completely provide pain relief but I know nate is in less pain for a good few hours!!! It’s so easy to apply too and nate doesn’t mind it as he thinks it’s food! These are the ones we are now using the most!!!

Sophie the giraffe – it took nate a while to really love sophie, since he’s learnt to grab that’s when he really fell for sophie!! But when he was 4 months old and I was holding it for him he just didn’t like it at all! But now he literally LOVES her, knaws on her all the time and if I hold her up he puts out his arms and leans forward to grab her. He’s still chewing her ears though and doesn’t really like the legs yet!

Teething jewellery – so I bought this teething necklace from hopes dreams and jelly beans. I saw some others on Instagram but ally seem to be very overpriced! So hopes dreams and jelly beans is so reasonable priced and I LOVED the colours! The marble 😍😍 when I wear the necklace nate does grab it and bite it! Which is handy if I’m carrying him or he’s sat on my lap somewhere! He loves it! It’s so weird and amazing how he just knew that it was for him and just grabbed and bit it!! I also got the little teething toy which he also loves!!! Plus it’s super cute and I love these colour combos! @hopesdreamsandjellybeans

A dummy!!!! – so it sounds stupid but nate has always Hated a dummy and rejected it but ever since teething he has taken to it! Couldn’t believe it! Must help his gums! So if your baby has rejected a dummy but has started teething I would honestly try again with it! He only has a dummy to soothe himself when he’s falling asleep or tired and then spits it out! Or if he’s in teething pain I put it in and he’s quiet !!

Gummee teething mit – nate is OBSESSED with his gummee toy!!!! Literally I put it on him and he will spend 10/15 mins chewing at it and playing with it!! I honestly recommend these so so so much! Nate loves putting his hands in his mouth and loves silicon toys so this is best of both worlds! It’s amazing!

Nuby teething rings (that go in fridge) – I think these are crap!!!! They cold out so cold and hard and nate puts in his mouth and screws his face up and Hates it! I think because he chomps down it hurts him! If I hold it in his mouth for him quite far in then he doesn’t mind in. But I just found it doesn’t help at all with teething really. And they go warm really quick!

Detinox teething gel – tiny pain relief! I would not recommend this – if you want a gel I’d go for bonjela for a quick fix or I think anbesol do a gel aswell! I put it on and he still is in lots of pain and carries on crying!!!

Amber bracelet – I know people swear by these. So I got one abit resistant ngl that a bracelet on the ankle could help a tooth coming through. And I was right! It did not help nate in the slightest, it may work for some babies – fair enough. But for nate it didn’t work at all!!!! Also if you’re going to get one don’t let some insta shops rip you off!!! I got mine from Amazon for Β£10 and it’s genuine certified amber (make sure you don’t go really cheap as it won’t be real amber) loveeee Amazon , literally get everything from there now!

So I hope this has helped!!! When I first was writing this I was thinking hmmm I haven’t tried much how’s my advice gonna be good but then I kept remembering things I’ve tried and it is actually quiet a lot!!!! So I hope this has helped you when you try things for your babas! Obviously this is just what has worked for nate and all babies are different !!!! So if you buy anbesol and it doesn’t work for your baby don’t come in my DMS angry pls πŸ˜‚ if I try anything else which is good I’ll put it in my instagram story x

also as I write this – this is him currently πŸ˜‚

Lots of love,

Daisy & nate x

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