Nates weaning journey so far!!! 2 months in!

Ok so I have to say this at the very start.. I’m in no way an expert – I’ve never claimed to be. This blog post is purely about what I’ve chosen to do for my child and about his experience with weaning so far! I’m in no way giving advice or recommendations! This is my blog all about me & nate so all my opinions and the way I’m doing things!!! You may not agree with, and that is completely ok, because how everyone raises their child and does motherhood is completely different! But this also does not warrant negative comments made to me. I can assure you I’ve done plenty of research and spoken to health visitor and doctors regarding Nathaniel, I would never put him in any risk or danger. I weaned at 17 weeks because Nate was ready to be weaned and I absolutely stand by this! I checked all the signs and he has LOVED it! From the start he has opened his mouth and eaten everything!!!! So mum police… please back down!!!!! And don’t read on if you don’t agree with weaning before 6 months….. save yourself the agg 😂 but like I said, please don’t read this and think because I did with Nate at 17 weeks that you need to, you know what’s best for your own child! Every child is ready at different points! But this is just Nates experience!!!!!

Anyway… I’m glad all that’s out the way!


you may have watched my YouTube videos of 1st day of weaning & 1st week of weaning! As you can see and if you follow me on Instagram or snapchat you can see how much nate absolutely loves eating 😂😂 here are the links –

So basically at 17 weeks I started with 1 portion of baby rice a day. I wanted to start slowly and simply. I wanted him to first get used to the texture and technique before I went straight in with the flavours, that had to come later!

So for 2 weeks I gave him baby rice once a day and he loved it from the start! Demolished his bowl each time! So then I introduced flavour – actually I think I introduced after a week – broccoli and he projectile vomited it up! So I went back to baby rice! Listen to your baby! Let them take the lead! Because of him being sick I knew he wasn’t quite ready for flavour so I gave him baby rice for another week. I then started giving him baby porridge, cow and gate strawberry and banana porridge which he LOVED!!!! I started to give this once a day … and then I started giving him a half portion of baby rice in the morning to get him used to breakfast!

So now he was getting used to breakfast, I then puréd carrot , avocado, parsnips , sweet potato for dinner and he loved them!! Avocado being his fave! Btw carrot stains EVERYTHING!

After this I started giving the strawberry and bananna and fruity porridge in the morning. Also introduced orange porridge. Basically all the cow & gate porrridge range! So he was having that for breakfast and then a vegetable puré for dinner! He dropped a bottle and was on 4 bottles 7oz a day!

And currently at 6 months old ……

our routine is –

7/7.30am 7oz bottle

10am breakfast

1pm bottle 7oz

4pm bottle 7oz

5.30/6pm dinner

7pm bedtime bottle 7oz (but takes about 5 or 6)

So I’d really like to get rid of the 1 & 4pm bottle and I’ve introduced lunch. I gave him lunch at 1pm with baby juice and a bottle at 3pm!! And this has worked for us!

For breakfast he has a mango, berry or strawberry Greek style yoghurts from mamia aldi or a fruit pot! Or a fruit sachet! He is obsessed with the yoghurt!

I’ve also started introducing finger foods with lunch! He is getting there slowly! They say the transition between puré to finger foods is really difficult! And he picks up the food and starts to eat it but then gives up and wants me to do it! But I just got to stick with it! I’m going to start doing baby led weaning in a few weeks too! Where he’s got 2 teeth now, he’s biting into everything which shocks him! And he screws his face up 😂 we’ve also started introducing meat! He had a pasta bolognase which was lumpy for him! He wasn’t sure to begin with but then smashed out the whole sachet!!!! Also a my first bolognase! Which he loves!

So this is where we are at over 6 months! I’ve taken it slowly and he is absolutely loving it! He sometimes just wants to do it himself and takes the spoon off me! Sometimes I feel like hes so smart and his brain is ahead of his body because you can tell he knows exactly what he needs to do but can’t quite work his T. rex arms to do it 😂 like he knows the food is in the bowl so will pick up the bowl and try tip it into his mouth and he picks the spoon up and puts it in his mouth! So he has grasped the concept just a few teething errors we need to iron out!!

Sometimes I let him get messy too! I feel like you shouldn’t be afraid of this! Il let him do it himself then he makes an absolute mess but then he has so much fun! He’ll play with it over the highchair .. they say it’s good for his learning and sensory!! Messy play is good! So I’m all for it!

If anyone has any tips for the transition between puré and finger foods please get in contact 🙂

Lots of love

Daisy & Natex

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