Tommee Tippee review & giveaway!!!

So, when I was about 13 weeks pregnant, the Tommee Tippee starter kit was one of the first things i bought! I saw it reduced to around £70 at the time so i snapped it up!!!! I got this exact one from mother care:

Unfortunately Nate didn’t personally get on with the bottles, however I know lots of babies that do! We had to swap to a different brand however I stuck with the steriliser and bottle warmer. The steriliser I’ve used for the last 10 months and I swear by it!!! I love how many bottles you can fit into it- 5!!!!! and its so so quick!!!  I found it so much easier doing them all together at the end of the night! Also the bottle warmer i kept at my mums, as Nate wanted really warm bottles at the start! So this meant he was kept happy wherever he was!

The next product is probably my number 1 baby recommendation!!!!!!!!!!!! It has made life 10x easier and its a real game changer!!!!

The Perfect prep machine!!!!!!!!!!!

It was in my top 5 absolute essentials for a newborn! – link=

Honestly its amazing!!! I don’t know where id be without it! For those of who don’t know…. it makes the perfect temperature bottle in about 2 minutes!!!! So in the middle of the night, when you have a screaming baby…. You can make a bottle so so quick and not worry about it being too hot!!! You literally put the bottle under it shoots out hot water, you add the amount of formula powder then put back under and it adds more water making it the perfect temperature! It also goes from 4oz-11oz!!!! GODSEND!! I can’t recommend this product enough!!!

Tommee Tippee very kindly sent me a nappy bin! We’ve just used a normal bin and the difference is already staggering!!!!!! We were having to take the poo nappies out to the outside bins straight away because they’d smell out the room! Whereas with the nappy bin… the nappy goes straight into a nice smelling bag and disappears! absolute no smell!!! Its amazing.. And I’m obbbbbsessed with this colour grey! it goes so nicely in his nursery!

This is the one I got:

You can also get it in other colours, I couldn’t decide between the white & grey.  You can also get it in blue & pink. Ive just noticed its currently reduced in Mothercare! in grey & white! to £15! From £27.99.

We also use these first cups!  Nate struggles with sippy cups where he has to suck loads! Whereas these ones, the water comes out really easily and its taught him to control his flow as they’re free flow!!!!! I really recommend!

So overall, we are huge tommee tippee fans!!!!!!! I can’t recommend these products enough!

Also…….. very exciting news..

Tommee Tippee have realised a brand new perfect prep machine (my fave product) And it is the Perfect prep machine Day & Night.. And they’ve very kindly said I can run a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! How amazing is this!! So one of you guys can win one of these for yourself! And they sell at £129.99!!! How unreal of them ! Im so excited for you guys!

All you have to do to enter is head to my instagram @daisyjanecarberry and follow very very simple instructions!! Good luck!!!!!

Lots of love,

Daisu & nate x

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