Christmas gift guide for a 1 year old!

SO! Here it goes! My first blog post in over 3 months ….. it’s been a dramatic emotional few months but I will explain all that another time … this post is all about HO HO HO!

Yes it’s the most wonderful time of the year! My faveeeeeeee time ever. I’m a Xmas gal, I just love it I’m obsessed.

So nate turned 1 2 months ago and Ngl he got SUPER spoilt! I had so many dms about his gifts and where I got them, I’ve also been putting Christmas presents on my stories and getting Lots of dms about them also! So I thought I would put together a Christmas gift guide for a one year old!

Some of this stuff are gifts I bought for his birthday which I think would make good Christmas presents. Everything on this blog post I have genuinely got for nate. If they have been gifted I will say! Some of the things are on their way to me or in boxes in my mums garage so that’s why I’ve used web pages but I’ve bought every single thing on this blog post 🙂

So let’s get started!

Number 1) £21.98

Number 2) I actually bought this rocking horse for his birthday but it didn’t arrive in time! So I put it away for Christmas! He’s going to love it! Aldi £29.99

Number 3) Nate doesn’t watch loads of tv but in the mornings some Peppa pig or before bed 6.20pm in the night garden he will watch, but I’ve noticed he has no where to sit?! He can’t climb on the sofas yet! So I thought I’d get him a chair! £19

Number 4) So if you know my son you will know he is ALWAYS holding a wooden utensil, his fave is his wooden spatula for his kitchen, so I saw these in Aldi for £9.99 and he will honestly be so happy. Probably be his fave present. I thought by the time Christmas is here, he will have lost all is current kitchen wooden utensils. Also nursery have told me how he is obsessed with a wooden maracca that he always carries round, he fell face first once apparently as he didn’t want to drop the maraca.

Number 5) Asda £39 I bought him this for his birthday and he absolutely loves it so I deffinitly recommend it! It goes so nice in my lounge too as it is Grey.

Number 6) My 1st years £15 I got this in the Black Friday sale! £15 such a bargain and its personalised! Love little dressing gowns for chilling around the house. I think it is still in Xmas offers, the white reindeer one is also there

Number 7) Argos 2 for £15. Amazing deal!!!!!!! Christmas 2 for £15 on loads of toys! So amazing.

Number 8) Amazon Fire 8 tablet. £99.99 so I got this for Nate’s birthday and it was £99.99. It was reduced down to £89.99 and it’s the newest one out!! It will probably go down in Boxing Day sales! I never wanted it be one of those parents who sits their child on a tablet but it is actually so so handy if we are out in a restaurant or in the mornings in my bed! It’s got loads of educational apps/games on it, also their customer service is amazing! Nate’s wasn’t charging so I spoke to them in live chat and they sent me a whole brand new one!

Number 9) Bobux shoes £29 I got these from Natural Baby shower. They’re very similar to his clarks shoes and are really good for his feet as their soft sole and so light and flexible. I love the front as this means they won’t get scuffed!

Number 10) The works 10 books for £10. Most amazing deal! I did this a few months ago for nate and then my friend told me they were still doing it for Christmas books!!! I found it hard choosing 20! There were so many. So we are doing book advent so a new Christmas book every day of December!

Number 11) Nate’s Christmas Eve box special day designs ( insta- @specialdaydesigns) I was kindly gifted this from the lovely lady who runs it however it is the nicest Christmas Eve box I have seen about 😍😍

Number 11) Bakerdays letterbox cake £15. Fancy giving your loved one a special this Christmas? Or any occasion then this is perfect! You can literally order online and get a cake sent through the post! There’s so many designs to choose from! I was kindly gifted this from Bakerdays and I chose a winter design! It was so yummy!! I deffo recommend. (Instagram- @bakerdays)

Number 12) Paladone. The most amazing gift shop! There is something for everyone!! I was very kindly gifted these items. How cute is the Harry Potter egg cup! Nate was obsessed with it and especially the little spoon!

Harry Potter egg cup- £8.99

Enchanted light- £24.99

Light graffiti- £9.99

Number 13) Bloomsbury Mill.

Cotbed set- £12.99

6 Muslim squares- £14.99 currently reduce to £10.99

3 swaddles- £15.99 currently reduced to £10.99.

So I was soooooo excited about receiving these which I was very kindly gifted! The cotbed set is going to look AMAZING in his nursery. If we were a Muslim this is what we would be! Obsessed with white & grey and my whole home is white and grey! I’m going to put these fresh bedding on Nate’s bed for Christmas Eve! He has just started having a duvet and pillow and he loves it. Muslim squares are also Nate’s attachment! He is going to love these! They’re super soft!

Number 14) Rito Q play trike! From the entertainer for £100, I love this so much! So I was researching for so long which to get for his birthday and decided on this one and it’s amazing! It’s folds up so can be kept in my car boot! Nate loves it

Number 15) Last but not least!!!! My Babyzen yoyo gift to me from me 😍 I got mine from Natural Baby Shower where the delivery was 2 days! Another pram! I’m obsessed, going to save it for Christmas Day! So excited to use it! It was £369. If you’re a first time customer then you can also nab 10% off when you sign up to their mailing list! Amazing 😍

So these are just some ideas and what I’ve got nate for Christmas this year! I’m so so excited! I’m going to go to b&m to get some more toys but he got so so much for his birthday!

Lots of love

Daisy & nate x

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