Life update

So the last time I posted was February! And that was how I was dealing with a break up! 5 months ago. Blows my mind that people are still reading my posts every single day! I’ve decided to get back into blogging as it’s something I enjoy. I’m undecided on YouTube however as I don’t feel as confident.

I’ve decided to post a life update to get everyone up to speed on my life and it’s a good way of getting back into it! My life has completely changed in the last 5 months in such an amazing way.

I met my soul mate and fallen in love! Sounds super cheesy and I’m not a cheeseball but he makes me feel all soppy and cute! So I met Jack beginning of March. Unfortunate name I know 😂 but this is upgraded Jack, Jack 2.0. I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind for a relationship and he felt the same. We had a bumpy ride of getting together. I was still in a fragile state, my mental health was getting better but wasn’t 100%. We met on tinder ( we found love in a hopeless place) i was his tinderella 😂 we met up a few times casually and got on well but we both didn’t really think much of it as we both didn’t want a relationship in general. We actually ghosted eachother! He was meant to come over one night and just didn’t show up so I blocked him 😂 then a few days later after a night out I booty called him (sorry mum, I meant erm I wanted to see him) I ended up going round to his house and we spontaneously ended up spending the whole weekend together and then literally since we’ve spent every day together. We caught the feelies! We both said we wernt ready for a relationship but we kind of fell into one as we both caught feelings and it just naturally went that way. It is the first time I have properly been in love and we have just clicked. We both have been in relationships that wernt right and didn’t work out.

Jack has a child also, this has deffinitky helped our relationship as jack knows what he has signed up for and knows what he’s talking about with Nate. His child is 2 years older than nate so he has more parent experience than me. Our children get along so well and it is honestly so heart warming. Nate proper see’s him as an older brother and copies him and idolises him. We have such cute family days out and are a proper family unit now. I know he is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and he feels the same. He’s given me a promise ring and I absolutely love the ring. What girl doesn’t love diamonds and a promise from their partner to be engaged?!

Nate is absolutely amazing! He is a full blown toddler who has entered his terrible twos! He is so so clever and has started talking lots! Says yoghurt and dinner! And he is constantly telling the dogs no no no whilst pointing at them! He copies me with everything, even copying my make up! He is a very hyper child and is bursting with personality! He has smashed all his milestones. He also now has the most beautiful curly hair, which I’m refusing to cut as I absolutely love it! We’ve been going to toddler groups twice a week and he’s also started football lessons. He absolutely loves it, he doesn’t listen to the coaches but runs round doing his own thing 😂

I also have been making changes around the house! I’ve changed the lounge, moving the dining table to the corner and making a kids corner. We are also going to paint the bathroom a light grey and Nate’s room is being changed into a safari themed little boys room! I’ve started buying the stuff but I think I’m going to do it for his second birthday which is in October. I’ve also changed my bedroom around which creates more space! Lots of good positive changes!

I recently joined Slimming world again. I had a break in November as I had other major things going on in my life and rejoined in February. I’ve been making much more healthy decisions. In total I’ve lost almost 3 stone. I’ve still got a stone to lose but I don’t want to get so obsessed with it and miss out on social events. I still have a drink weekly and a cheeky McDonald’s!

My mental health has got much better over the past few months as I’m so happy with Jack. I still have my issues from trauma but it gets easier everyday. I’m still taking medication and probably will for the foreseeable future.

I’m in a much better place in every aspect of my life. When someone said to me ‘in a year from now, you will look back and laugh that you’re broken over someone like that and you will be in a much better position and relationship’ and honestly I remember thinking LOL I don’t see how that’s possible. I couldn’t look past my pain but I can honestly say, I hit my breaking point and was the lowest of the low. My life completely fell apart but I’ve slowly rebuilt it and I can safely say I look back at that time of my life and can’t believe I even survived it. I feel like a completely different person now. So if you’re going through a hard time please believe me when I say, KEEP GOING! I Absolutely promise it gets better and you will end up much happier. Time really is the best healer.

Lots of love

Daisy Jane x

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