My goals for the next 6 months!

I think it is so important to set achievable goals for the short term & long term.

Me and Nate spend some time this morning with the crayons & felt tips out! He was colouring in dinosaurs and I had my head screwed on! However, he also came over to my boring diagram and added some of his drawing tekkers to it. These are my goals for the next 6 months which ends February 2020, some goals are intended to be achieved sooner.

So! Goal 1 for the next 6 months-

Most importantly, top of the list I want to still be happy. And this obviously goes for Nate and the rest of my family too. I’m at a point in my life where I am genuinely so happy. As you know, I went through the lowest worst time of my time at the end of last year, I was beaten down (excuse the pun) and couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Time is truly the best healer because I’ve now met someone amazing and my life is pretty good. We are making plans for our future and I’m very excited. I truly believe I had to go through all that pain in order to reach the happiness I have today. The rainbow after the storm. Back in December I couldn’t ever imagine being where I am today, genuinely so much stronger. This makes me so excited for what can happen in the next 6 months. Always gotta be moving forward and achieving! I’m that type of person where I’m goal driven and once I achieved one goal, it’s on to the next! I’ve always got to be working toward something that’s why I struggle at times being a stay at home mum. That leads me nicely onto the next goal..

Goal 2- I’d love to be back in part time work. I’m Very career driven and ambitious and I can’t wait to put my degree to use. I did go back to full time work last year, but unfortunately my mental health took a turn for the worse and I could no longer afford the nursery fees when me and my ex broke up. I had to leave work and be a stay at home mum. This meant Nate had to leave nursery which I still feel guilty for as he loved it so so much and developed so much whilst there! I can’t wait for him to go again as it’s so good for his skills and socialisation. I would ideally like to go back into work for 3 full days a week. I don’t think I will be able to leave Nate for the full 5 days yet. When he is in school in 2 years then that will change. But for now, I’m going to focus on looking around for jobs. I mean, I won’t be searching and applying for jobs all day but I will have a look about and if there is something worth applying for then I will. I’m in no rush, and I want to make sure if I’m going to leave Nate for 3 days then it needs to be for something I actually really enjoy. Life is too short to do something you hate!

Goal 3- I’m hoping Nate will be settled into nursery well. Before when he went, he had just turned 1 and there were zero qualms about leaving me. He has always been good in that way, he’s very indepdent. Even when little, he would go to strangers and not complain when he stayed at his nannies etc. He also had a childminder from 6 months so he is used to leaving me. However I do worry as he is attached to me much more now and is more aware of what’s going on. However I’m hoping he will enjoy it as much as he did before! He absolutely flourishes in nursery and they all loved him! I’m hoping in nursery they can also work on his speech, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with it now! He says plenty of words and communicates good however in nursery they always ask the parent what they want the focus to be and il say I’d like him to string words together! He turns 2 in October so I’m hoping he will be in nursery by then!

Goal 4- self care! I need to start looking after myself more, mind and body! I want to start therapy again and I’ve re registered for this. I have a lot of trauma I never worked through and I think it’s given me issues I work through every single day. I would love to finally open up and get these address so I can start making more healthy choices every day. My mental health is 100x Better than it was at the end of last year however I do still have low days. It is normal to feel sad sometimes but sometimes it goes deeper than this, when something from my past triggers memories and flashbacks etc. I would also love to keep working on my blog & social media. I absolutely love love love writing! That’s what I love most about blogging, getting stuck into a post and expressing myself! I also love the interaction with people that comes with it! I love when people reach out after I write a blog post and nothing feels better than connecting with people going through similar! It’s an amazing feeling that people read what I say and my thoughts and they even take some advice or go and buy something I’ve posted about! If I help just 1 woman going through a low time or anything that I did and she reaches out or doesn’t feel so alone then I’ve accomplished what I’ve wanted to! There’s more to blogging than gifts 😂 I love that people can relate to my blog so it’s definitely something I want to work on for the foreseeable future and maybe even get back into YouTube! Maybe when I get more confidence back.

Goal 5- on the same lines as self care- I’d love to hit my slimming world target! My slimming world journey has been rocky! I started September last year and been on and off! I’ve lost nearly 3 stone in total! However with a stone and half to go until target I’ve been yo yoing Inbetween the same 5 lbs. it’s so frustrating!! I don’t feel proper proper motivated as I’m a comfortable size 10, sometimes 12. I don’t absolutely hate what I look like anymore so you lose that initial motivation and reason you started! I really want to do it though so I’m taking it slow- not punishing myself when I have a cheat day. I’m cooking slimming world dinners every single night. I’m planning a alcohol detox and not going to drink for the rest of August and hopefully carry it in through September. When I’m drunk I make bad decisions and I get crippling anxiety the day after – the fear, so it is called. It really isn’t worth it anymore. I’d rather be at home with Nate and the next day do something fun with him instead of being bed bound and eating cheeseburgers! On this note – I’d like to join the gym again and go atleast 3x a week, I want to go in the morning early! Get up and go kind of thing as when jack gets back from work I just want to spend time with him. I also want to do a few days meat free! I think I’m going to start with meat free Mondays! I want to lower our meat consumption as it’s alarming what red meat can do to your health!

Goal 6- I want to start saving money!! I’m suchhhhh a spender and an impulsive buyer! I need to stop this immediately! Me and Nate Both have stacks and stacks of clothes! I just love going shopping and I love picking clothes and buying clothes for Jack too! I’m a giver! I’m really into fashion too and studied fashion buying. Over the next 6 months I want to save as much as possible because in February we want to go on holiday! Maybe Egypt or somewhere. I went to Egypt in January and the weather was perfect! Not too hot and not too cold! The only thing is, I got so sick and had an inflamed colon and was hospitalised. I was literally in a&e on the floor screaming in pain. I can safely say it is the most excruciating pain I’ve ever gone through. But anyway! Egypt woooooo. I just need to be more careful what I eat there. Me and jack want to go with the kids and we’ve also invited both our mums too. It’s an open invitation for any of our families tbf! I invited my dad too. So if any of our families want to come and reading this, then come woo!

Goal 7- Baby 🙊

So within the next 6 months we are going to talk about babies! We have planned our future and another baby is definitely on the cards! However I’m not saying we will be trying. It is something we are going to discuss and I’m excited! Can’t wait to have a mini me and jack! It will be so beautiful! But I can’t confirm when this will be happening, but it will be! One day!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my 6 month goals! I really recommend sitting down and thinking about life and doing this too! I feel motivated and excited for the future. If you do end up doing this then please tag me! I’d love to read other people’s goals 🥰

Lots of love

Daisy x

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