1st trimester

I can’t believe I’m writing this blog for the second time! I mean, I started this blog as a pregnancy journal when I was pregnant with Nate. I can still remember writing my 1st trimester blog post 2 and a half years ago!!! I also wrote week by week pregnancy updates, I don’t think I will be able to do that this time with a manic toddler but I will aim for a monthly update.

So yeah! Round 2, Baby2!!! Here we go! I get a lot of questions about if the pregnancy is different etc. There have been a few differences but it is still so early to tell major ones!

Pregnancy ‘feeling’ – So this time, I swear to god I just knew I was pregnant from the moment I conceived.  I think I even had implantation sickness! I think its different when you’re trying as you’re more aware of whats going on and you’re more intone with your body in terms of what to look out for. When I was pregnant with Nate, I’d shrug of any symptoms as not getting enough sleep the night before.  With Nate, I did not have any symptoms, well massively noticeable ones! A doctor ended up telling me I was pregnant at around 6 weeks! Total shock! Whereas this time I just knew I was. The first day of my last period was 11th July and I tested on the 7th and the test came back negative. I just knew I was, so tested again on 9th July. First of all, it was negative and I sat on the toilet a little gutted. A few minutes later I looked again and there was the faintest line ever! So I went out and got a early detection clear blue and the line showed! Again, faint but it was there!! I still didn’t believe it though and we had a private scan at 8 weeks.

Tiredness- The main struggle. Literally from the moment his sperm met the egg  I swear to god I’ve been wiped out. I think this is mixed with folate defiancy which I was diagnosed with just before I got a positive test. Double whammy! It is even more difficult because I have a hyper toddler who is on it 7-7! He rarely sits down and chills! Whereas before, I could just nap when I wanted, whereas I can’t do that now! You have to just get on with it, and maybeeeee nap when toddler naps! Jack has been amazing and at weekends he lets me go for afternoon naps. I just haven’t had any energy to even make dinner! I’m rarely even hungry for dinner.

Hunger- For the first 3 weeks I was soooo hungry and then It got less and less. I didn’t really fancy dinner and the smell of cooking made me ill. I have had meat aversions too, so I’ve been having a lot of meal deals!!! Just quick food, I don’t have to cook. I still haven’t got my appetite back but started to make dinners again.  My cravings have been mixed – sometimes craving sweet and specific things like Jammie dodgers. Whereas sometimes cheeseburgers, so I really don’t know what the gender will be! With Nate, I craved salty and especially salt and vinegar crisps!!! The more saltier and vinegary the better! Salt & vinegar Pringles literally burn your mouth they’re so good!

Nausea/ Morning sickness. 

So this has been the main difference. With Nate, I’d wake up feel sick and throw up. Eat some ginger biscuits and then go about my day feeling fine! It was out the way in the morning. Whereas, this pregnancy…. I’m nauseous all day every day!!!!! it doesn’t go away. I haven’t been sick at all, apart from once but this is where I was brushing my teeth and cleaning my tongue and it made me gag! Headaches have been happening quite a lot though. I remember it easing off around 14 weeks with Nate. However, mine has got worse at  9 weeks and still getting worse!


I got this with Nate towards the end of second trimester and all through third trimester. Whereas, it has started so early this time!! I wake around 3/4am and am awake for 1-2 hours!!! Its horrible, and makes me even more tired the next day.


Honestly, I got a bump the morning after conception I swear!!!!!!! I wasn’t noticeably showing until around 24 weeks with Nate! I remember being at work and telling someone I was leaving in 2 months and they asked why and couldn’t believe that I was pregnant. Whereas this time, I’ve struggled to hide it before I was 12 weeks. However, some days its hardened up and other times its not! With Nate, I carried a lot of water, in my c section it was buckets and buckets of fluid! When I conceived this time, I was skinnier than I was before Nate so that may be why. But they do say after your first pregnancy, you show much much quicker! Its definitely true!!!! Maternity jeans came out at 8 weeks!

Glow/ skin

Wheres the glow ?!?!?!?!? My skin has got so bad! I actually got spots! My ecezma (which I developed during pregnancy with Nate, however it only flared up the day of my c section due to stress) This time, it flares up all the time. There is just no glow this pregnancy 😦


Mood swings

I’ve come off sertirlin and that was my personal preference. They do assess the situation and sometimes find it is safer for mum to take the medication. However, when I’m pregnant I don’t take any meds – even ones safe in pregnancy. I don’t know why I don’t, something just tells me not to. So my mood has been very affected by coming off these tablets and I find it hard to regulate my mood. Ontop of a surge of pregnancy hormones,, lets just say I feel for jack in this time! It should calm down, when baby relies more on the placenta.

Sex drive

My sex drive has been extremely high!! Lucky jack 😂 we were quite sexually active anyway but now it’s gone up to twice a day 🙈

9th August I took this dip test and couldn’t see anything so texted my bestie Jordi the news. But about two minutes later I was about to throw it away and noticed this tiny line!!!!!! I then rushed out and got a clear blue and got another faded line!! I was still before I was due on. I then left it a week and got a much stronger blue line on a clear blue!

So my first trimester has been extremely different to Nates! But you know what they say – every pregnancy is different! Hoping I get more energy in my second trimester and nausea starts to go!!!!

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Lots of love,

Daisy Carberry x

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