Couples Christmas Eve box (for him)

This is going to be a short but sweet blog post! Also…… if you know jack, please do not tell him the contents of his box. I’m not uploading a picture to my feed and he’s promised not to look at this blog post … I’ve worked hard on his box and I’d like it to be a surprise. However, I’ve had many dms asking me to share what I’m including in his box as people want ideas for their couples box!!! So therefore, I’m a blogger and it kinda comes with the territory to share and inspire! But please, I would still like it a surprise for him! Please respect that 🙂


So I’ve never done a couples Christmas Eve box before… I’ve only done one for Nate and it just included Christmas pyjamas & chocolate and Christmas book! So I started thinking about me and jack doing one for each other. I bought the trip to Latvia as his present and our Babymoon and then he paid for everything out there so that was our present to eachother! However I thought a Christmas Eve box would be nice for each other with small bits in! And some fun bits for our Christmas Eve as we are staying in! Gone are the days of boozy nights down the local on Xmas Eve… honestly there is no where else I’d rather be than in with partner and my baby tucked up in bed ready for Christmas morning. So I started thinking … hmmmm what can we do Christmas Eve…. and no Christmas Eve is complete without matching Christmas pyjamas!!

I got these from eBay! I’ve had them every year for me and Nate…. I wanted to get them from a place which sell them continuously as from a shop- they’ll only sell the same style 1 year and change the style for the following year. So I got them on an eBay shop! Each year il buy the next size up for Nate and for me I’ve had the same pair. So this year, I got jack a set too!

Then I thought what else would we do on Christmas Eve…. Christmas films, hot choc (which we already have) and CHOCOLATE! So I bought jack his favourite chocolate – bounty 🤮🤮🤮 and twirl bites! He is always coming home with these!!

Then, I thought about me and jack…. and what else do we do when we stay in……….. trying to keep this as PG as possible…. but I thought I’d create a fun different evening for us so I went onto love honey and got some fun games to try! Funny story about this delivery… it was delivered to my dads and he opened the box 🙃 but anyway! As it’s Christmas Eve and a romantic evening I thought I’d spice it up and do some games for us!

Then I wanted something cute for us to look at together and that’s when I started browsing! I was going to make him a photo album then was on the FreePrints app (you get 45 free prints a month) and they have a free photobook app now! Where you get 1 free photobook a month! So I did this and it worked out so so cheap! So I included pictures of our whole relationship in chronological order, I think I’ll do this every year for us- of the year of us being together. Unfortunately it hasn’t included Latvia as I was too organised and made it beforehand. However I’ll include Latvia and Christmas etc in next years book! And do it from beginning of December to beginning of December eac year! We’ve gone through SOOOO much in 1 year and it’s so amazing looking back at our memories! We even fell pregnant with our first child!

Last but not least! I wanted to get him a nice little present! I was searching the web- I LOVE a personalised stuff! And came across these personalised manly bracelets. They were all like £50 on not in the high street and Etsy etc. So I had a browse on eBay and found the exact same make but a quarter of the price! I’ll include a screenshot for you guys! I really love it! It’ll look so nice on him. I went for black and it says –




The name of our children! Yep baby girls name begins with C 🙊 I know it’ll mean so much to him. The date is from when he officially asked me to be his girlfriend but I class our anniversary on pancake day beginning of March as that’s when we started seeing each other. But I decided to use the girlfriend date!

So that’s my Christmas Eve box for Jack! I hope it’s given you ideas for your own partners! I’ll share pictures on my feed after Xmas Eve!

Lots of love –

Daisy x